Kalpowar Quarter Horses is owned by the family of Ellen and Larry Bell of Midland and Fort Worth, Texas. Ellen and Larry are both from families who have been deeply involved in agriculture since the late 1800’s. Ellen’s family has deep roots in both the cattle and quarter horse industry in Kansas and West Texas and Larry’s family has its heritage in both farm and ranch country in Eastern New Mexico.
The Bells have continued that long standing family tradition through their involvement in ranching interests that include the Parks Ranch in Midland and Ector Counties in West Texas, the UU Bar Ranch in Colfax County, New Mexico, the Cathedral Mountain Ranch in Brewster County, Texas, Comanche Springs Ranch in Parker County, Texas and the Kalpowar Station and Kalpowar Brahman Stud in North Queensland, Australia.
The Bell’s have three children; Matthew, Brian and Amy.  Matthew married Ann Stroman and they have two sons, Parker and Aaron.  Brian married Kara Kidwell and they have two daughters, Emily and Conally.  Sadly, Amy passed away unexpectedly on May 16th, 2014.  Her equine legacy lives on through her brothers families, especially her nieces and nephews.  The Bell family are all actively involved in various aspects of the family ranching and quarter horse operations.
Ellen’s grandfather, Mr. Roy Parks, Sr., was a pioneer rancher and quarter horse breeder in Midland, Texas for well over 50 years. Mr. Parks served as president of the Texas and Southwest Cattle Raisers Association in 1955 and 1956, and was president of the American Quarter Horse Association in 1960. It is from some of the Parks Ranch original broodmare bloodlines that Mr. Parks became famous for in the performance horse world during the 1950’s and 1960’s. The Bell’s began their own breeding program in 1994 using several of those same Parks Ranch broodmare bloodlines.
The Parks Ranch was officially established by Roy Sr. in 1918 when he moved to West Texas and continues to be owned and ranched by descendants of his family to this day. With over 100 years of Texas history, the family takes great pride in preserving that same West Texas way of life and traditions.  There are several articles written about the Roy Parks Family history that include more information about this historic ranch. Some of these histories can be found in the Articles section of the website.
We are diligently striving to bring honor to our family heritage by raising great ranch and performance horses that carry the Cross B brand.  We are honored as a family to be associated with and support the AQHA, NCHA, NRCHA, SRCHA, NSHA, and various other cow horse associations.  To carry on this “Legacy” you have to have a great support staff. We want to thank all of our associates, ranch managers, trainers and veterinarians. Without each one of them, none of this would be possible.